2018 ZIZ3 – Sanity Not Included movie trailer is released.

The NEW trailer for Zombies in Zootown3 – Sanity Not Included has been release!!  Check it out here!  The movie premiere in June 13 6:30pm & 7:30pm at The Roxy Theater –  718 S. Higgins Ave., Missoula MT.  Tickets and t-shirts can be purchased at http://www.endvrsc.org/event/zombies-in-zootown-3-world-premiere/

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Movie Poster with Roxy Theater Showtimes

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Today is the day where we are shooting a scene with practically everybody in it so as you could probably guess that its pretty hectic where we keep having to repeat the same line over and over and over again. certain people in proticular are not productive at all. overall this was not a very good day so were realizing that we have a much longer journey to go.

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Today we got our green screen up and it is massive. We are also filming the tech unit’s scene. The actors today are: Kaila, Tristan, Vaughn and Naomi. All the computers have a site called hacker typer. Here’s a link to the website if you’re interested:


no it isn’t a real hacking site. Or is it?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8Kyi0WNg40

Here we have our tech lab, kinda a mess but that is kinda the point of it, and look at that blinding light, don’t actually.

Another shot of it, you can see more of the lab, and more lights, Try and find the cables that connect to the camera. Also the lights are still messing up the camera, but can’t do much about that.

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We are filming at Fort Missoula and letting our other students write our blog.

Our costumer finally finished what was needed in his department, props have almost been finished as well.

As we were leaving we forgot some of our stuff and had to rush back to Aspire to get it.

It is very snowy and very cold.

We finally have zombies (sort of) and we also have much better use of props this time, what fun.

We also have new characters in this scene,  but hey thats a given isn’t it.

Yay, biking in the snow. Riding through the snow on a one person bike, over the hills we go filming all the way, hahahaha.

This is a fun experience to film and act through all the thick and thin. And who knows what the future will hold.

Filming five days before Christmas, we are really excited to finish so we can go do our Christmas shopping.

This year of filming is going a million times faster than last year, and the other one.

So far this year (well filming year anyways) is going swimmingly, and thats nice because less stress.

This year is our 3rd year, and i hope that we can do  this until the day i die.

This year we actually had a script writing class so we had something to go off of instead of everyone writing at once.

Thats really all for today, see and no blog for you for the next week *insert evil laughter here i suppose*

Yea we’ve run out of ideas.

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Today it’s gonna rain and we are having another scene and they are doing it in a van,  And there will be zombie makeup and funny words.  they are having fun saying those words because they like to laugh and tell jokes to each other and that is a good sign of friendship.  every day people laugh about something  and we need happiness on  set. quiet on set.

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Today the actors for zombies in Zootown 3 will be acting in a  scene today. Its the second scene and  we hope that our director will direct us through the other scenes and hope that everyone has a good time acting. So that they can have a fun time rehearsing and acting. So they get it just right but they also like rehearsing together and for today they will be doing it outside and it’s cold today but they are having fun and that is a good thing and we need


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Zombies in zoo town 3: day one 12/14/17

Day one was one of the most productive days in the zombie movie franchise with them getting two scenes done. I think that this is going to be one of the most successful zombie movies with now Scotty Graham as the director. Keeping everybody in line which was one of the problems with the second zombie movie is that it was not productive and so we fell behind. In scene one we have Sam, Christina, Thomas and Tyler there was one mishap which was that bridges drone died. In all this was a great day hopefully we can keep. This up make sure to check daily to see new posts.

All the crew for scene one

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May 6, 2017

Seriously. The zompocalypse is coming. The second in a series of movies by eNDVR students will premiere at the University Center Theater on May 6, 2017 at 6:00pm. Doors open at 5:30 – don’t miss our silent auction. All proceeds from this event will help offset the cost of making the movie and purchasing movie equipment.

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