Welcome to Zootown Zombies, the website for all the updates and information on the films created by Endvr Homeschool and Aspire High School students right here in Missoula.

Zootown Zombies is in its fourth year of existence. As the universe within the film franchise continues to expand and develop, as does the quality of production. Each year there are vast improvements with not only the end product but with the process as well.

We are honored to have John D Niles of With A Cause Productions leading the way with our film. He has been in charge since the beginning and is a huge part of making any of this possible.

Zootown Zombies is a student-led project that gives our students real work experience in the fields of film production, acting, videography, lighting, set design, script-writing, editing, marketing, and more. Each year we show the film at the Roxy Theatre in Missoula in the late Spring, so please stay tuned for an actual release date as filming gets rolling here.

We owe a huge thank you to the Montana Film Office for their sponsorship of the film. Without it, this project would not be possible. 

Thank you for visiting our site! Please donate if you can and check out our store for cool and one-of-a-kind merchandise.

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